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Recorded "live at Happy" in 2011, one of the last recorded at the vibey Happy Bar before it had to close down.


released May 5, 2012

Nikita Tu-Bryant - guitar and vocals
Cory Champion - percussion and vocals
Daniel Yeabsley - double bass
Charley Davenport - cello
Tristan Carter - violin and violia

Recorded by Daniel Yeabsley at Happy Bar
Mixed by Ed Zuccollo
Artwork by Nikita Tu-Bryant
Design by Jemma Jaycock




all rights reserved


Nikita the Spooky and a Circus of Men Wellington, New Zealand

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Track Name: Blood on your hands
cold night
running feet
voices scream
face down in the sand
blood on your hands
life slowly ebbing away
with the money you pay
hot night
music beat
loving dream

sirens wail
in the night
Track Name: Ghost of a love
the ghost of a love
haunts me with you
chases me through the day
leaves me soulless
during my nights
seers my mind with the stain

I wanna go back back
to the days I used to have
to the love I used to have
to the days I used to have

lord give me rest
from the labours of my mind
lord buy me time
lay this soul to rest
lord give me rest!
from the labours of my mind!
lord buy me time
lay this soul to rest

faceless names
haunt my dreams of you
daylight it crumbles into night
shadows take flight
and the darkness screams
of the love that used to be

faithless words
crush my love for you
heart of darkness
lies within me
the past it crawls
with memories
memories that linger on
and on
Track Name: Black velvet
I was walking through
he was talking to
feel the sunshine on my face
feel the sun shine on and on

shine on shine on

black velvet
wraps around me
keeps the heat
of the night deep inside me

deep inside me

which way ought I to go?
down that long and lonesome road?
Track Name: Pohutukawa
thin red needles
being swept away
soft red needles
no longer at your feet

time is blowing them through
thoughts that wander to you

lay the carpet
blowing in the breeze
lonely winter
she lies naked to the sea
Track Name: Life, the universe and everything
twiddling my thumbs
movement keeps us all

distraction please
action cease
chewing the crumbs of pain

it's going now
can't you see how
the hand takes charge across the dial

life the universe
and everything
his hands his face oh
how they sing

skimming smooth stones
some more
looking to find a score

through the sand
hole engulf my hand

it's flat and grey
swing away
let it ripple 'cross the shore

life the universe
and everything
his words his speech
how they ring
how they sing
Track Name: Where are we?
Where are we?
To find to see.

The sun it rises,
Oh so high.

If it should rain,
Let it today
Fill our red veins,
Let let the trees sway.